Our Story

Meet Eddie and Reza, the cool minds behind The StarMint. They are passionate about space and blockchain. They've cooked up something awesome to make these two growing economies accessible to everyone! The StarMint is not your typical venture, it's a way to etch your name in the stars and do some good through The SpacePrize Foundation, a charity dedicated to space education for the youth.

Reza is a volunteer advisor to The Starmint.

Eddie is a board member of the SpacePrize Foundation and the Founder of SpaceVIP, a space tourism agency.

Our Mission

The StarMint's mission is to make space fun.

Even though we are a for-profit enterprise, The StarMint is more than just a star registry. We are proudly affiliated with The SpacePrize Foundation 501(c)3, a charity devoted to space education for young people. Check out the free curriculum at www.SpaceEducation.org.

When you make a purchase from The StarMint, 20% of your entire purchase is a tax deductible donation to The SpacePrize Foundation. By offering this unique star-naming service, we're not just providing you with a celestial connection, but also encouraging support for universal space literacy - especially for young women.

You're not just making a purchase – you're making a difference and experiencing the sheer joy of giving and receiving while supporting our mission for STEAM education for women and spreading knowledge about the vast wonders of space.

The StarMint

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